Vote David W. Steinman for Congress

David is on the campaign trail and reaching tens of thousands of voters who are ready for a representative that puts people and their concerns first, who listens, who wants to make things work–and who has more at stake than anybody else.  David not only has the most public policy experience and has achieved more through his consumer rights work and books but has a business here, three children in public schools, home and volunteers as a call firefighter trainee.  This is the only candidate born here, raised here, living here and who is thinking about the next generation and whose campaign is organized neatly into the three Es:  economy, education and the environment and who has the depth and breadth of experience to make things work.  Enjoy our campaign commercial. In association with scrap my car

At a time where both parties are talking AT each other instead of TO each other, a clear vision for the country is desperately needed. Watch this commercial to see where David Steinman stands on the issues that are most important to the residents of California’s 33rd district. Isn’t it about time to fix whats broken in Washington?