Why Republicans Should Invest in a Vote for David William Steinman

I won’t raise your taxes.
I make a promise that you need to know is ironclad.
I believe that our government—on the federal, state and local level—works for you, not against you.  There is so much waste and corruption currently in Washington.
Before the federal government asks you for more of your money, we ought to make sure that they stop the wasteful spending.  I am a businessman.  I own and operate The Freedom Press, which employs 15 to 20 people.  In fact, I am the only job creator running for Congress in the 33rd district.  Neither Christopher David nor Zein Obagi are job creators.  They don’t have the experience that I have of meeting payroll, dealing with burdensome expenses and regulations, nor have experienced how bad this economy has been (under both Democrats and Republicans).  Neither Obagi nor David have the  public policy expertise I have.  I have represented the public interest at the National Academy of Sciences and as chairman of Citizens for Health in Washington, D.C.
I know from running my business successfully and guiding it through these tough times that one can trim 5-10% from one’s budget and come up with a leaner operating machine.  We’ve all trimmed our budgets, home owners and business people alike—so why haven’t our public servants done the same?  Why must be watch government officials travel first class instead of coach?  Leave lights on all night?  Fail to weatherize their offices?  Or find ways to economize and still deliver needed services?
Do you believe that conservatism is the greatest gift of the Republican Party? Do you believe that the primary purpose of the federal government, as defined by the Constitution, is to provide for the national defense?  If you answered YES to all of these questions, then you and I share more values than you might suspect.
You see, I believe in accountability and responsibility and sustainability (which are key values of The Green Party).  I think that government should be accountable to the people.  I think that for our nation to enjoy sustainable growth, congress must be responsible & trim its budgets in order to shrink government.  Green can mean many things—but as an experienced businessman I know it means efficiency and adequate return on investment.
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Waxman’s Response to 33rd District Debate Request

Our campaign recently sent Rep. Henry Waxman a request to participate in the first debate for the newly formed 33rd district. As the incumbent statesman, Henry Waxman has a responsibility to come to the district and assure the citizens of the 33rd that he will have their backs in Washington. Instead of jumping at this opportunity to participate in the public discourse, we received this: LoCKsmith FUlhaM

“Dear Friend,

I want to thank you for taking the time to write and share your views with me. You can count on me to keep your thoughts in mind as Congress considers legislation on matters of concern to you, and I hope that you will continue to stay in touch.

Please visit http://henrywaxman.house.gov/ to learn more about my work in Congress, review my statements and positions on issues, and obtain information about the services my office provides the residents of the 30th Congressional District. You may also visit http://democrats. energycommerce.house.gov/ to learn more about my work as Ranking Member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, or http://thomas.loc.gov to track the status of federal legislation. If you need immediate assistance with a federal agency, please contact my Los Angeles office by phone at (323)651-1040.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me, and please stay in touch on issues of concern.

Henry Waxman
Member of Congress

Please do not respond to this message. This mailbox is unattended.”

It is this type of disconnection from reality that makes Rep. Waxman the problem with Washington. It is not fair to the citizens of the 33rd district that they do not have access to the individual who is supposedly out to protects their interests. It is not fair to the voters of the 33rd district that they cannot question the man who claims to want to lead them to a more prosperous future. It is not fair to all Americans that our political discourse should be reduced to stock emails and non-answers. If you feel Rep. Waxman owes you a real response, lets get his attention. Participate in the public discourse! Let your voice be heard! Make Henry Waxman explain why he is neglecting the people of the 33rd district. It is time to hold Rep. Waxman and other entrenched politicians responsible for their inaction. A vote for David Steinman is a vote for honesty and integrity — both of which are greatly lacking in today’s Congress. locksmith hackney, ealing locksmith, st albans locksmith, wembley locksmith.





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Rally in the Valley

“Behold!  The Greening of America!”

A Green Party Rally in the Valley

With Green Party Presidential Candidate,


With special guest speakers:

Michael Powelson, Green Party Congressional Candidate, 30th District

David Steinman, Green Party Congressional Candidate, 33rd District

Anthony Vieyra, Green Party Congressional Candidate, 35th District

Marcy Winograd, former Congressional Candidate & beloved Progressive


The Move To Amend Citizen’s Brigade

WHEN: Friday, March 23rd at 7pm

WHERE: Mayflower Club 11110 Victory Blvd. North Hollywood (just west of Vineland)

Help us raise funds to send our SF Valley Green Party delegate to San Francisco and Baltimore!


Free Parking, Cash Bar, Refreshments

RSVP: 818-912-4017

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What I Will Do for You that the Democrats or the Republicans Haven’t Done

I want you to know how I will be different than the representatives we have now in Washington. I had an interesting conversation today with a very successful real estate professional. As many of you know I am a call firefighter applicant and today after work talking with another one of my mates whom I will simply call WB, we talked about the real estate crisis and how home values have declined precipitously. I told WB that as your congressman I will make empowering people to modify their loans a top priority. WB asked why and said that people should be able to do this without so much government assistance. I told WB that smart people like him can navigate the system but many people who are hard working simply don’t have his skills but we need to help them nonetheless. This is important, I said, for the banks, for the homeowners of course, and for our economy. Locksmith CLApham

People have lost value in their homes because of the deceitful actions by both the banks and borrowers who were complicit in filing false income reports, inflating appraisal values, and falsifying income. This caued a speculative bubble that crashed much more deeply than it went up, causing home value losses. Now people who have been faithful and kept up their mortgages are often paying interest on their loans out of line with current rates and they cannot refinance because of the loss of equity (with many banks requiring 80 percent to value to take action). This is not their fault.

WB was still skeptical. I told WB the banks don’t want more foreclosures, but, perhaps more important, by modifying loans even with homes that are underwater, this frees up money from homeowners that they can spend elsewhere in the economy. This is good for society, good for the banks, and for the individual homeowner. I also noted that we lent the banks billions of dollars in 2008 without any conditions. This was a big failure of oversight by our congress including your congressional representative who is running against me. We saved the banks’ from disaster. It is time for them to pay back. Locksmith Essex

Well people can do it on their, said WB.

No, he’s wrong. The Los Angeles Times today (March 3) reports that a $7.6 billion federal program to help unemployed homeowners stave off foreclosure has provided little relief two years after being unveiled, with less than $218 million of the money paid out to needy borrowers as of Jan. 1.

“It’s about helping the homeowner, and that’s not happening,” said Bruce Marks, head of the foreclosure counseling group Neighborhood Assistance Corp. of America. “As we speak, there are thousands of people losing their homes.”

The Hardest Hit program was funded by the U.S. Treasury Department with money left over from the federal government’s TARP program. States have earmarked about 70 percent of the money to keep unemployed homeowners current on their mortgage payments or to help borrowers catch up on missed payments. The rest is set aside for other relief programs, such as reducing mortgage balances and helping borrowers move after losing their homes.

Eighteen foreclosure-torn states and the District of Columbia were eligible for funds. Locksmith Ilford

Government officials, lenders and housing advocates offer a variety of explanations for why the money has not been spent, including a slow-moving bureaucracy and the government’s inability to make eligible homeowners aware of the program.

For example, state and federal officials said California’s Employment Development Department declined to mail information about the program to laid-off workers applying for unemployment benefits, citing legal constraints.

In Oregon, state labor officials aggressively promoted the program to residents on unemployment. It led to 16.4 percent of the available federal funds being distributed as of Dec. 31 – the most of any state.

California, which was allocated nearly $2 billion from the Hardest Hit Fund, provided less than $38.6 million in assistance for 4,357 borrowers by the end of last year, according to the state’s latest report to the Treasury Department.

As your congressman in Washington, I will make empowering homeowners to learn about these programs a top priority. I will make sure we have people in place to help YOU navigate through these programs to get what is fair and coming to you. This has been a big failure in Washington–but it won’t be with me.

You see, I am the only candidate running in our beautiful 33rd district from Malibu to Palos Verdes (including Santa Monica and all the Beach Cities) who actually owns a home here; owns and runs a business; and has a real stake in the community. I have skin in the game. Did you know that my opponent Henry Waxman doesn’t even live here? How can he care about YOU as much as me? I have to make a success out of this. I am here for the long run. Waxman lives back east now and hardly comes out here. He can’t care. It is an empirical fact. If you don’t live here, you have no skin in the game. He doesn’t have skin in the game. That’s why I am the man to represent you. Failure isn’t an option.

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Oil and the American Consumer–Bad Relationship that Will Never Get Better

The high price of gas is making paupers of us all.  I warned about the high price of gas breaking our economy in 2008 and have continued to urge Americans to do what is not only right but smart and get out of this relationship.  Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin say, “Drill baby drill,” as if more drilling will lower the price of gas.  But it won’t.  I’m not saying this to be contrary to Gingrich and Palin but because it is true.  The writing is on the wall.  This is a bad relationship.  It won’t get better.

We’ve reached peak oil now and the process of getting oil is so expensive (regulations notwithstanding) combined with international turmoil that any downward trends in price will simply be too small and impermanent.

And nuclear won’t break the back of oil, either.  That is because most of our oil is used for transportation.

Better for us to do what is necessary to end the relationship.  As ridiculed as electric vehicles have been they do represent a real breakthrough in ending the relationship consumers have with oil.  I applaud GM and Chevy for the Volt, the Nissan Leaf, and other electric vehicle manufacturers.  This is an important step in breaking away from relationship.  We should not be cowered or embarassed by talk show hosts like Sean Hannity who ridicule the electric vehicles.  These are a big deal.  A company like GM invests billions in projects like these.  They deserve our respect.  I for one would strongly consider an electric vehicle for my next car when and if that time comes.  We did in fact buy a Ford Escape hybrid made in America as our last car.  I believe in green patriotism.  That is but one example.

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Education—How Public Service by Our Young Adults Can Solve the Student-Debt and Underperforming School Problem

One of the most clear-cut lessons we’ve learned about our lagging employment picture is that a college education greatly increases one’s chances of finding work.  Our young adults who fail to graduate from college are much less likely to gain full access to our country’s economic, political, and social opportunities.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data show this clearly.   In October, 2011, the unemployment rate for associate degree graduates in the 20- to 24-year-old age range was 9.6 percent. For bachelor’s degree graduates, the unemployment rate was 7.7 percent for workers aged 20 to 24 years old and just 4.5 percent for those 25 to 65 years old.  Holders of advanced degrees faced the lowest unemployment rate—3.3 percent. Continue reading

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Tea Party Meet Green Patriotism

David Schnare serves as the Director of the Center for Environmental Stewardship at the Thomas Jefferson Institute, Virginia’s premier independent public policy foundation and is a Senior Attorney and Environmental Scientist in the Office of Regulatory Compliance at the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Schnare took the time in an article to discuss the Tea Party environmental platform, which is based almost entirely on state’s rights. Continue reading

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Green Patriotism and Soft Diplomacy to Win the Peace in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia

Three world hotspots that require green patriotism and soft diplomacy include Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Somalia.  I’ve written a great deal on green patriotism, which is basically my taking back patriotism away from the reactionary anti-environmental forces in America who’ve basically called my brothers and sisters in the environmental movement whackos and unAmerican trippers.  Green patriotism is a powerful force for good and for America and for the world.

Let’s look at how green patriotism can make a difference in three global hotspots. Continue reading

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Pacific Palisades Endorsement for ‘A Man of Intelligence and Integrity’

A Man of Intelligence and Integrity…

That is how another community leader has described 33rd district congressional candidate David W. Steinman.  This endorsement comes from Timothy F. Silvestre, a partner with Stragetic Law Associates, LLP.  His practice currently focuses on mergers and acquisitions, private financings and corporate governance. He was admitted to the State Bar of California in 1984.

Mr. Silvestre began private practice at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP, one of the country’s leading law firms, where he worked with SLP founder Brad Schwartz in Gibson’s Los Angeles office for more than three years. Mr. Silvestre then spent nearly 12 years at Riordan & McKinzie in Los Angeles, now a part of Bingham & McCutchen, representing issuers and investors in mergers and acquisitions, venture capital financings and public offerings. In 2000, Mr. Silvestre joined InterPacket Networks, Inc. in Santa Monica, where he served as Executive Vice President and General Counsel until he successfully negotiated the sale of InterPacket to American Tower Co. More recently, Mr. Silvestre helped establish the Santa Monica offices of two Orange County based law firms. Continue reading

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Another Endorsement for David Steinman—’A Citizen Representative’

Community leader Ken Mazur of Topanga, California, has endorsed David Steinman for Congress.  Ken is an accomplished composer, musician, and educator.  Ken has toured with some of the most well known rock stars in the world, produces music for television, and teaches in various school districs.  Together with his wife Susan Clark, he runs Topanga Animal Rescue.  Like many Americans, Ken thinks it is about time we had people in Congress who are making mature, smart choices for this nation that go beyond partisan politics and produce real results.  Here is what Ken has to say about David Steinman. Continue reading

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Hello California 33rd Congressional District!

I just want to say hello to everyone and thank you for visiting our campaign 2012 campaign site.  Campaigns come and go but great ideas stay forever and in this campaign we’ve got some of the best ideas around, ones that this nation needs.

So thank you for being here and enjoying our site, our policies, our fun, our love and our caring.  We are a team of idealists and practical thinkers.  We don’t tell you just what the other candidates are doing wrong but what we can do to make things right.  And we are patriots who care about America, who do see our nation as that shining city on the hill to which all the people of this planet looks towards for inspiration, lessons in tolerance, democracy, and our future.

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Taking Our Campaign to Santa Monica College

Today we went to Santa Monica College to talk to students and find out what their needs are, what they want from their lives, what they want from America, how they want to contribute.  I was so absolutely impressed by everyone we met.  Santa Monica College is in the 33rd District.  I want to be the man who hears students’ voices, really listens to their ideas and champions the best of them.  Our students are telling us to LISTEN.  They are aware.  They are concerned.  They want to know that those in power care about their welfare.  I got the sense today from one of my interviews with David Stavis (more on David below) that this just isn’t so.

We were setting up to begin shooting videos for the campaign to bring some fresh new and workable ideas to Washington.  So while Rose Bloomfield, who is at the center of our campaign, was setting up, a lot of folks came by to say hello. (I think they were all Rose’s friends, by the way; she is a shining light to which all us little moths flock!)  I found that I really, really enjoyed meeting everyone.  I mean, quite apart from the fact that I feel Congress is hurting America, my business, my family, my district, my friends–I must admit, I love meeting and talking to people.  (But I also have some great ideas to bring to Congress, and that is, practically speaking, what is most important.) Continue reading

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Geothermal for the 33rd District

Did you know that less than 100 miles from where we live in the 33rd Congressional District, there is a source of energy that is completely renewable and that could us to completely eliminate our reliance on nuclear power and mountain-top removal coal supplies?  Why haven’t we begun to lay the groundwork on the state and federal level to make this amazing power source a reality?  That power source, of course, is called geothermal.  It is available in unlimited supplies; it is clean; it is our future.  And it’s nearby in the area of the Salton Sea in Imperial County. Continue reading

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David Steinman Receives Key Endorsement

Congressional candidate David William Steinman has received a key endorsement from David Stavis, Inter-Club Council (ICC) Vice Chair/AET/Scholars Program for Santa Monica College. LOcksmith HarrOW

“I’m very proud to have David Stavis’s endorsement,” says Steinman.  “Education, together with the economy and environment, is a key issue for us, and I want to address students’ most pressing needs, including the obscene debt with which so many of our best and brightest leave college.”

Here is the full endorsement:

“David Steinman is the only congressional candidate I know of who is
engaged exclusively in people. It’s so reassuring to think that there is someone out there creatively applying himself to creating solutions to my problems and opportunities for the same people I’m worrying and caring
about. David’s aptitude-focused work study program is worth so much, and I can tell from looking into his eyes while I spoke with him that it’s only the first of many programs that I can expect from him. … He has the capacity to come up with innovative solutions to new problems as they’re placed in front of him, and the realness to look for and incorporate help from the right people. He’s an actual citizen representative, not a career politician, and that’s exactly what we should have in congress. Not a congressman, but a citizen, who will sit in congress for other citizens.” —DAVID STAVIS locksmith hackney


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